Autumn Schedule 2013

Queensland Orchid Society Autumn Show Schedule

Queensland Orchid Society Autumn Show is held annually (usually in March)


  • GRAND CHAMPION ORCHID OF SHOW ― Sponsored by Barry & Dennis Orchid Supplies (Value $150)


  • CHAMPION CATTLEYA HYBRID ― QOS Trophy Kevin Watford Cup (Perpetual)
  • CHAMPION DENDROBIUM bigibbum – Any Variety ― David Littman Memorial Trophy (Perpetual) Sponsor Cedarvale Orchids
  • SPECIES OR HYBRID Excluding Dendrobium bigibbum


Queensland Orchid Society Show Time

Friday 29th March 8.30pm to 3.30pm

Saturday 30th March 8.30am to 3.30pm

Sunday 31th March 8.30am to 3.30pm

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong QLD 4066, Australia

  • Set Up/Benching Thursday 28th March 2013 – 2pm to 7pm
  • Judging Commences at 7.30pm on Thursday, 28th March 2013
  • Presentation of Prizes at 3.30pm Sunday, 31st March 2013
  • Plant Sales to the public finish 3pm Sunday.
  • Members can pick up unsold sales plants from 3.15pm Sunday, not before.

✿❀ Champion Cattleya Hybrid ❀✿

Notes: Classes 1-10 include Cattleya, Laelia, Sophronitis, Brassavola and Rhyncholaelia ONLY in any combination of these Genera. Cattleya alliance including other genera must be placed in classes 9 and beyond. Cluster classes no less than 5 blooms per stem.

A1 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type predominantly purple, lavender or mauve ― 1st Prize – Fame Orchids – Voucher

A2 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type predominantly white

A3 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type predominantly Yellow or Green

A4 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type – any other colour including splash petals ― 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize – Burbank Nursery – Vouchers

A5 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type – Cluster

A6 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Non-Standard Type – Cluster

A7 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Non-Standard Type – Non Cluster

A8 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type – Miniature (under 70mm)

A9 Cattleya Alliance Hybrid Standard Type – Miniature (70mm – 110mm)

A10 Cattleya Alliance & Allied Genera Hybrid – (70mm & Over)

A11 Cattleya Alliance & Allied Genera Hybrid (Under 70)

A12 Cattleya Alliance & Allied Genera Hybrid – Cluster

A13 Epidendrum Encyclia Hybrid

✿❀ Champion Dendrobium Hybrid Exotic ❀✿

Notes: Blooms are to be measured horizontally across the visible limits of the flower where size restrictions apply.

B1 Dendrobium Hybrid Phalaenanthe Type – Red/Purple Tones

B2 Dendrobium Hybrid Phalaenanthe Type – Bi Colour

B3 Dendrobium Hybrid Phalaenanthe Type – White

B4 Dendrobium Hybrid Phalaenanthe Type – Three-Quarter Shape (Ekapol Type)

B5 Dendrobium Hybrid Intermediate/Antelope Type (under 50mm)

B6 Dendrobium Hybrid Intermediate/Antelope Type (50mm & over)

B7 Dendrobium Hybrid not included elsewhere including Striped & Peloric types

✿❀ Champion Vandaceous Alliance including Phalaenopsis ❀✿


D1 Vanda/Ascocenda Hybrid (60mm & over)

D2 Vanda/Ascocenda Hybrid (under 60mm)

D3 Vascostylis Hybrid ― 1st Prize – Brighton Orchids – Voucher

D4 Vandaceous Hybrid – not included elsewhere

D5 Phalaenopsis/Doritaenopsis Hybrid – Exhibition Type – not included elsewhere ― 1st Prize – Formosa Orchids – Voucher

D6 Phalaenopsis/Doritaenopsis Hybrid – Exhibition Type – Spotted ― 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize – K & H Orchids – Vouchers

D7 Phalaenopsis/Doritaenopsis Hybrid – Novelty Type

D8 Phalaenopsis/Doritaenopsis Hybrid – Miniature Multi-Floral Type

✿❀ Champion Oncidiinea ❀✿


E1 Oncidium Hybrid

E2 Oncidiinae Hybrid – Equitant/Tolumnia/Zelemnia

E3 Oncidiinae Hybrid not included elsewhere

✿❀ Champion Paphiopedilum ❀✿

Notes: Parentage to be shown on Plant Exhibition Label for Primary Hybrid class

F1 Paphiopedilum Hybrid Exhibition Type

F2 Paphiopedilum Hybrid other than Primary Hybrid

F3 Paphiopedilum Primary Hybrid

✿❀ Champion Species Exotic ❀✿


G1 Laeliinae Alliance Species ― 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Gordon’s Oz Orchids – Vouchers

G2 Vandaceous Species

G3 Paphiopedilum Species

G4 Oncidiinae Species

G5 Species Orchids not included elsewhere

✿❀ Champion Australian Native Species or Hybrid excluding Den bigibbum ❀✿

Notes: Australian Native Orchid Hybrids shall be the progeny exclusively of Australian Native orchids or their hybrids. This section does not include Den. bigibbum

M1 Australian Native Orchid Hybrid

M2 Australian Native Orchid Species other than Den bigibbum

✿❀ Champion Dendrobium bigibbum ❀✿

Notes: Includes any variety

N1 Dendrobium bigibbum – Any Variety

✿❀ Champion Other Genera ❀✿

Notes: (Parentage of Primary Hybrid to be shown on Plant Exhibition Label)

O1 Any Other Genus Hybrid

✿❀ Novice Section – Open to all Novice (Refer to Condition 11) ❀✿

P1 Novice Species

P2 Novice Hybrid

✿❀ Floral Art ❀✿

Notes: No flowers other than orchids may be used. Accessories permitted. Definition of “Accessories” – anything in arrangements other than plant material, container, background or base. All arrangements to be in water or water retaining material.

Q1 Open Section – “Easter Magic”

Q2 Open Section – Corsage

Q3 Intermediate Section – “Nature’s Jewels”

Q4 Intermediate Section – Corsage

Q5 Novice Section – “Pleasing to the Eye”

Q6 Novice Section – Corsage

Conditions Governing Floral Art Sections:

No flowers other than orchids may be used. Accessories permitted. Definition of “Accessories” – anything in arrangements other than plant material, container, background or base. All arrangements to be in water or water retaining material.

Classes will be judged on: Colour, harmony, relationship between plant material and container, design, distinction or originality, condition of plant material, interpretation of theme.


1. Entries are free and open to all members of Orchid Societies.

2. Entries will be accepted from 2pm and shall be benched by 7pm and available for judging by 7.30 pm on Thursday, 22nd March 2012.

3. All persons not involved with the judging must leave the hall by 7.30 pm.

4. The Queensland Orchid Society Inc. or its agents will accept no responsibility for theft, loss, destruction of plants or damage of any kind occasioned to plants, either during transport to and from the show venue or while at the show venue. This includes all plants submitted for sale.

5. All exhibits and exhibitors shall conform to the Rules and By-laws of the Society.

6. The Show Marshal in conjunction with the Chief Steward shall have the right to refuse the exhibition of any plant, which in their opinion, appears diseased.

7. All plants entered shall be the property of the exhibitor. The plants must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for the preceding six months.

8. Individual plants may be entered in only one class. All entries of plants shall be in show condition.

9. Exhibitors are responsible to see that all plants are correctly labelled with cards provided by the Society.

10. Although it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter the plant in the correct class and place it in a suitable position on the competitive bench, the Chief Steward has the right to determine the class in which any plant may be exhibited; to reject, remove or re-arrange any entry; to combine (less than three plants) and/or establish extra classes if needed.

11. A Novice shall mean any exhibitor who has not won a first prize at any Orchid Show. An exhibitor may win the Floral Art Novice section (3) three times before entering the Intermediate section.

12. An Intermediate exhibitor in the Floral Art Section shall mean an exhibitor who has won 1st prize (3) three times in the Novice Section, but has not won 1st Prize in the Open Section at any orchid show. After winning (4) four first prizes in the Intermediate Section, an exhibitor must then graduate to the Open Class.

13. Plants to be judged in accordance with AOC standards, however, QOS staking and tying rules apply as follows. – Staking and tying to support the inflorescence will be permitted. On all inflorescences, no staking or ties are allowed on or above the pedicle or ovary of the flower. On multi-flowered unbranched inflorescences, staking and ties are allowed up to but not above half way along that portion of the inflorescences carrying flowers and buds. On branched inflorescences, the main branch may be staked or tied up to but not above the uppermost branch. Parafilm or florist tape is not allowed as ties.

14. No third prize shall be awarded if there are less than five entries and no second prize if there are less than three entries, unless in the opinion of the judges and after consultation with the Show Marshal and Chief Steward that the entries are of such quality as to especially warrant the award of a prize.

15. The judges shall select the winners of the Champion Awards from benched plants, OR by prior arrangement with the Show Marshal, nominated plants in displays.

16. The Grand Champion Orchid of the show shall be selected from the winners of the Class Champions.

17. The Reserve Champion Orchid of the show shall be selected from the remaining winners of the Class Champions plus the second best orchid chosen from the class from which the Grand Champion Orchid was chosen.

18. The Judges Decision Shall Be Final.

19. No bloom may be removed from a plant, even though spent, or plants or blooms interfered with, without the permission of the Chief Steward or other Official appointed by him.

20. No plant shall be removed from the show until the termination of the show. Any plant removed shall cause the owner to forfeit any rights to the prize in that class. Withdrawal of a plant without permission may lead to the exhibitor’s disqualification at any future show.

21. Stealing of blooms or pollen may lead to the initiation of legal action.

22. Photographs may be taken at any time, but not at the inconvenience of the show patrons.

23. Only QOS Members and Sponsors are entitled to sell plants, with QOS Members benching a minimum of 2 plants . A maximum of 40 non-flowering plants, unlimited flowering plants and 10 Foliage plants may be offered for sale.

24. Fire Ant Regulations must be adhered to.

25. Acceptance of any Entry shall be Conditional on the Exhibitor Agreeing to be Bound by the Conditions set out Above.

26. The plant sales supervisor, or his/her representative, will have total authority to accept or reject any plant submitted for sale.

Click here to access the pdf version of the Autumn Schedule 2013


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