Native Orchids of Australia 🇦🇺

Sarcochilus australis

Sarcochilus australis near Narawntapu National Park – Tasmania, 20 Dec 2014 by Stairs & Sparks

Alastair Robinson examines Gunn’s Tree Orchid (Sarcochilus australis) in a northern Tasmanian habitat near Narawntapu National Park. Critically, this site is not located in a national park, yet it represents one of the largest stands of this species in Tasmania. Sarcochilus australis is also found in Victoria and New South Wales, but in Tasmania it is the only native epiphytic orchid. At this site, it has been documented as occurring on a range of species beyond its typical host plant.
Native Orchids of Australia

6 Jul 2011, by MSGulfCoastOrchids

Presentation about Native Orchids of Australia given by John Lewis to the South Mississippi Orchid Society on 28 June 2011
Native Orchids of Australia 2 of 3

6 Jul 2011, by MSGulfCoastOrchids

Discussion of Native Orchids of Australia presented by John Lewis to the Southern Mississippi Orchid Society on 28 June 2011.
Native Orchids of Australia 3 of 3

8 Jul 2011, by MSGulfCoastOrchids

John Lewis of the Mississippi Gulf Coast orchid Society presents Native Orchids of Australia to the South Mississippi Orchid Society in Hattiesburg MS, A big special thanks to Cathy Powers & for photographic assistance in the project.
Burke’s Backyard, Australian Native Orchids

14 May 2013, by BurkesBackyard

Don Burke takes a look at one of the world’s most wonderful plants, the Australian Native Orchid.

Find the full fact sheet here:…

Orchid Hunters Australia: Wet Tropics

2 Jun 2015, by Orchid Hunters Australia
Thelymitra cyanea

Australian carnivorous plants and bog orchid, 25 Jan 2014, by Stairs & Sparks

Botanist Alastair Robinson presents Drosera arcturi, Utricularia monanthos and Thelymitra cyanea in the Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia.
Drosera arcturi is a perennial, insectivorous species of sub-alpine or alpine herb native to Australia and New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand’s two alpine species of sundew, the other being Drosera stenopetala.The specific epithet, which translates as “of Arthur” from Latin, is a reference to Mount Arthur, Tasmania, the type locality of the species.
D. arcturi grows in wet alpine bogs, tarns and seepages and is also commonly found in Sphagnum bogs. It is found in alpine areas from the East Cape of the North Island, New Zealand, southwards to Stewart Island, New Zealand. It is found above 1500m altitude in the North Island, descending to sea level in the South Island. It is also found in the mountains of southeastern Australia and in Tasmania, where it is occasionally found growing down to sea level. In New Zealand, D. arcturi is often found growing in clumps alongside Utricularia dichotoma.…

Thelymitra cyanea (Sun orchid) is a medium-sized, terrestrial orchid, which is found in eastern Australia and New Zealand. The taxon is reported to occur in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, the Antipodean Islands, the Chatman Islands and the north and south Islands of New Zealand.…

Photo & Video Contributions

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Rare and Endangered Yellow Lip spider orchid- Caladenia Xanthochila, is found/known in only 2 areas of Victoria…

Posted by Judith Sanderson, Capturing Nature Photography, Australia on Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thelymitra variegata (Lindl.) P.J.Müll., Fragm. 5: 98 (1865). Commonly known as Queen of Sheba, arguably our most…

Posted by Gawler Districts Orchid Club Inc. on Sunday, January 5, 2014


There has/had been a change of name of this orchid to Coelandria smillieae in the past. Then there are also those who maintain that the name Dendrobium smillieae is still official. The common name is the Bottlebrush Orchid.
Coelandria smillieae or Dendrobium smillieae (the Bottlebrush Orchid) is a Queensland species ranging from some of the Torres Strait Islands, though Cape York Peninsula to Townsville in the south at altitudes of 500-700 metres.

Dendrobium smillieae F.Muell., Fragm. 6: 94 (1867).A hot to warm growing epiphyte or lithophyte from C. Malesia to…

Posted by Gawler Districts Orchid Club Inc. on Monday, January 4, 2016

This is an older Australian Native cross between bigibbum and Zeus. Its breeding is bigibbum 62.50%, tetragonum 31.25% and Kingianum 6.25%.

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