Queensland Orchid Society on Facebook

Queensland Orchid International is available on Facebook for anyone to visit, like and comment, to share photos and videos, to have discussions, as well as to post questions and answers:

Companion Website and Social MediaQueensland Orchid International on Facebook

Queensland Orchid International is also available as a Facebook Group for anyone to join, share photos and videos, leave comments, have discussions, as well as post questions and answers.

Anyone is welcome to post their orchid videos, photos, paintings, arts and stories to this group. Please feel free to invite or add new members anytime.

You can upload your photos (either individually or collectively as an album) and videos to https://www.facebook.com/groups/QueenslandOrchid/photos/.

Alternatively, you can upload photos and videos at the “Write something…” box by clicking “Add Photo/Video”.

Even if you seldom or never grow, exhibit, judge, video, photograph and/or write about orchids, you can still share other people’s videos, photos and stories about orchids with group members here.

For example, you can share YouTube videos of orchid plants, collections, shows, exhibitions and tours. Alternatively, you may share orchid photos of your Facebook friends.

In a nutshell, you are welcome to upload photos and/or videos of orchids (preferably accompanied by some descriptive text or explanation) anytime, regardless of whether you or others grow those orchids. Furthermore, the subjects or subject matters of the photos and/or videos can also be about ORCHID FLORAL ART, which includes the following:

Artistic Display, Body Art, Carving & Sculpture, Computer & Web Graphics, Drawing, Floral Arrangement, Game & Animation, Garden & Landscape, Illustration, Jewellery & Accessory, Mixed Media, Ornament & Decoration, Painting, Show & Market, Stained Glass & Glassware, Textile & Costume.

You may visit both https://queenslandorchid.wordpress.com and https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandOrchid to see various examples.

On the whole, the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Group promotes diverse interchange of arts, ideas and cultures, and welcomes orchids from all regions and cultures in the world.

Queensland Orchid International on Facebook GroupQueensland Orchid International on Facebook Group

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