November Parade on Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Page

“Wild” Queensland Orchid

MaX Fulcher's previous property in Cooroy (2004)

According to MaX Fulcher: The Vanda was part of a bulk purchase made from a local commercial (cut flower) orchid grower who had passed away – his vast collection was jobbed out to me. Rescued, it grew on a circle of upright old bridge timbers on the property surrounded by Cooroy Creek.
Attaching a family shot with the Vanda in question beside the woman with sun umbrella.
Apologies. Lost in time. I never met the man. My (then) builder had bought the nursery and was clearing the property. I did meet the man’s daughter briefly. Again, 10 year s ago. The ladies in the photograph are Seyen Surjan (gardener to our property) and my sister Gem, (vale.1937-2005)

Floral Arrangement

Artistic Display


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