🎨 Superb Illustrations and Paintings of Paphiopedilum Shared in the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Group

That the orchid paintings of the musician and artist, Ole Hamilton Poulsen, are intricately rendered and aesthetically pleasing, is undeniable. Some of them are further enlivened by foreground and/or background details to convey how the plants grow in Nature with surrounding vegetation and habitat, including waterfall, cliffs, mountains, limestone, trees, mushrooms, ferns, carnivorous plants, decaying wood, fallen twigs, dead leaves, mosses and tree branches.

All in all, the results are at once realistic but also stylised. Poulsen’s naturalistic depiction of orchids sets his approach apart from that of the traditional botanical illustrations in which staminodium, petals, sepals and other parts of an orchid specimen are separated.

The dimensions of the paintings are usually 30 x 40 cm², 40 x 50 cm² and 40 x 60 cm², and may take up to 12 days to complete.

You are welcome to enjoy Poulsen’s Orchid Art on Facebook.

Click any painting below to see gallery images displayed in a full-size carousel view and to comment on each painting.

Visit the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group to join, share photos and videos, leave comments, have discussions, as well as post questions and answers.

17 thoughts on “🎨 Superb Illustrations and Paintings of Paphiopedilum Shared in the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Group

  1. I saw Connie today , she weighed 41kg on admittance 5 days ago & has already gained 3 kg .She is only 160cm tall & always has been petite & cuddly ( couldn’t resist adding that little fact ) . She is calm , coherent & alert . We walked some of the grounds & I introduced her to a resident koi , pointed out some amazing trees & we generally enjoyed Mother Nature . The weather is great – a small shower this morning , of which I experienced a few drops only here but where Connie is – enough to water the gardens , the sun is out now & not too hot .I did a special trip to the shops for Connie to pick up some tempting foods for her & to share with the other patients .She is keenly awaiting her Art studies results for this year & has expressed an excitement for next years studies in art which is such a relief for me . When she’s ready I’ll talk to her about some goal setting for the near , mid & distant future . Her boyfriend George had been good to her keeping in daily contact .I am satisfied at the progress both phsyically & mentally & have high hopes for a speedy recovery . Namaste xx


  2. Hello there , Connie & I had a good look at the watercolours & we think they are great , she has offered to draw an orchid & I have no subject matter here ! Was wondering if you have something that u would enjoy drawn – I don’t know what form she’s intending on using & can’t ask as she has her boyfriend over & is otherwise engaged. We had a great meal at the sushi restaurant in – yeah you guessed it – Eastwood , we had frozen yogurt in a place near the station& finished off with a coffee in a really eclectic cafe across the road – v interesting & not your run of the mill ( I’ll take u there one of these days ! ) . I await your reply & rather hope it doesn’t take toooo long coming xxps my laelia has started budding up – may take some time as last flowering the stems were aprox 2 Mtrs high !!pps please re read the message prior to ps xxx

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    • It is delightful that Connie “has offered to draw an orchid”. Perhaps she could choose one from those Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition and those from Spring Show 2013 Report with Photos and Results.

      In addition, Connie could write an essay to express her inspiration(s) or rationale(s) as a way of documenting the whole process for posterity and with respect to this project. On completion, she could then submit the essay along with one or more photos of the completed drawing or painting for publication on this website and/or the main website of SoundEagle. Of course, she could choose to photograph the drawing or painting in different stages of development and completion.

      Apart from producing an essay and photos, videos could also be included as an additional means for Connie to film herself drawing or painting on a canvas with or without commentary and/or music.

      Article(s) and media files to be published on the website(s) can be emailed to SoundEagle.


      • Kw , I hear that your excited however a full length movie is not an option at this stage . I will be happy with whatever she produces & bothering her agent about movie details is maybe a little premature . She is gearing up for her 21st on Friday – with a full Partaay weekend , finishing with lunch at mine prepared by yours truly ( it will be role call 2 check they’re all i
        Still in one piece !! ) Is your email fixed & operational yet ? Ali xx


      • Alison, please be advised that in being comprehensive and empowering Connie with a full range of options to realise the project and to be well featured, SoundEagle has suggested many tools and media to be used for documenting her endeavours, including videos, but not movie(s), let alone full length movie(s), unless she (and her agent) would be willing to venture into the filmic world.


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