80th Anniversary of The Queensland Orchid Society Inc. 🎊8️⃣0️⃣🍹

Queensland Orchid Society 80th Anniversary

The Queensland Orchid Society was born at the start of 1934, when the world was still in the Great Depression. It began life in the state capital, Brisbane, which, as the two old, monochrome photos shown, was already a bustling city then. Eight decades have since passed, and the Society, now an octogenarian, is still doing reasonably well. On this commemorative milestone, the journey and longevity of the Society can be celebrated with this special post and be encapsulated by the complex 80th Anniversary Logo as shown above.

Throughout its existence, the Queensland Orchid Society has provided members a stable outlet and many avenues to congregate, learn, teach, grow, breed and exchange ideas, knowledge and plants through cultivation and hybridisation, research and education, publications and demonstrations, exhibitions and adjudications, as well as affiliations and transactions, so as to promote good fellowship among all people interested in orchid culture and in horticulture generally. The Society has also published a number of booklets on the major orchid genera with respect to their descriptions and specific cultural requirements relevant to South East Queensland.

Many members have come and gone over the years. Nevertheless, many have also become lifelong friends as they continue to interact inside or outside the Society, and the result is that some of the most helpful, consistent, knowledgeable, indefatigable, kindest or wisest have found a place in our hearts and in the forthcoming Roll of Honour. Apart from their green thumbs and love of gardening, and aside from their services to the Queensland Orchid Society, they have left indelible marks and legacies on those of us who have been fortunate enough to get to know them, and to admire their attractive displays of green companions and floral friends, as the living embodiment of love and beauty, whether in the formal settings of the Society or at the informal surroundings of members’ homes.

Having briefly surveyed the Queensland Orchid Society both retrospectively and introspectively, it would be time for us to attempt a prospective consideration or a speculative projection with the question “Will the Queensland Orchid Society reach its Centennial Anniversary?”. Let us refrain from giving the classic response with “only time can tell” or even with “the best predictor of future outcome is past performance”. Is the Queensland Orchid Society facing a slow, inevitable decline and merely riding on the inertia of its aging membership? Or is the Society more or less continuing on a steady course into an unknown, unpredictable or changing future? Or is it still awaiting its delayed prime and golden period, assuming that they have not passed and yet to arrive? Is the Society just around the corner of a new epoch of vitality? Is it accelerating or consolidating its missions via improved avenues and multifaceted channels? Whatever its future may be, we look forward to forging and partaking in an even more vibrant, diverse and inclusive future exemplified by “The Living Society”.

May good foresights, beneficial collaborations and sustained momenta bring the next major historical milestones, the 90th and 100th Anniversaries, to the Society and its members, as all and sundry greet the year of 2014 with hopes, aspirations and determinations!

StateLibQld 1 203240 Aerial view of Brisbane, ca. 1934

Aerial view of Brisbane, ca. 1934.

Queensland State Archives 187, Queen Street, Brisbane looking south west, March 1934

Queen Street, Brisbane looking south west. (Brisbane CBD; Brisbane central business district) March 1934.

The following series of texts provide selected historical snapshots of the Queensland Orchid Society. As this post is still a work in progress, further texts and information will be included as they become available.


On Wednesday, January 24th 1934, at 8pm a group of thirteen people met in an insurance office in Brisbane to discuss the formation of an Orchid Society. It was at this meeting that the Queensland Orchid Society was formed and its officers appointed. On Friday, March 9th 1934, the first General Meeting of the Queensland Orchid Society was held, there being 18 gentlemen and 3 ladies present.

It is from this small beginning that the Queensland Orchid Society has progressed into the Society it is today, with its many affiliated societies. During the war years (1939-1945) the society continued to meet every month and held many shows and raffles to raise money for the various Patriotic Funds.

After the war when it was again possible to import plants, collections began to improve and membership to increase.

In 1948 the society issued its first booklet “The Census of South Queensland Orchids” compiled by Trevor Hunt and in 1956 produced “Introduction to Orchid Growing” by A.W.F. Kurth and G.L. Piper. The society has since produced several booklets on the growing of different genera.

In 1957 on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of April, the Queensland Orchid Society held its first Autumn Show, the purpose being to publicise its emblem the Dendrobium bigibbum var superbum (Cooktown Orchid). The admission to this show was one shilling (ten cents).

In 1958 there was much discussion in the media on a Floral Emblem for Queensland, so the Queensland Orchid Society started to move in support of Dendrobium bigibbum var superbum as the floral emblem of Queensland. In June 1959 we were very pleased to see the “Cookie”, as it is affectionately known, become the floral emblem of Queensland.

In late 1959 and 1960 moves were started to form a National Body and on tho 14th September 1960 the inaugural meeting of the Australian Orchid Council was held in Sydney. The Australian Orchid Council is composed of the senior society from each of the six States, with each State having one vote.

In 1965 the Australian Orchid Council discussed the idea of holding an Australian Orchid Conference and it was decided to invite Queensland to stage the first Australian Orchid Conference. The Queensland Orchid Society accepted the challenge and, having no precedent to work from, set out to stage the Conference and on the 10th to 15th April 1967 staged the First Australian Orchid Conference which proved a success and laid the ground work for future Conferences.

In 1982 on the 23rd to 29th September, the Queensland Orchid Society staged the Seventh Australian Orchid Conference, thus starting the second round of Australian Conferences which are held every two years in a different State.

Whilst the Queensland Orchid Society does not have a very large membership in itself (approximately 350) together with its 60 Affiliated Societies it does administer to many thousands of orchid growers, both within the State and in nearby areas.

The present President of the Society is Mr. B. L. Paget who is the twenty-sixth person to hold this position.

Chas. F. Hill
Immediate Past President

11th April 1984.

Queensland Orchid Society 75th Anniversary (1934-2009)

This year of 2009, QOS celebrate their 75th Anniversary Year. The first General Meeting for QOS was held on 24th January 1934. The election of office bearers took place, E.J. Beard Esq. as first President and V.W. Moller Esq. the first Secretary/Treasurer. Thirteen people attended the meeting. It was resolved at this meeting that the Society would, if possible, assist the Government in checking the vandalism in orchids being taken from our forests and scrub in Queensland. The membership of QOS has remained reasonably constant through the years and at present the membership total is approx. 220 members.A dinner has been planned for QOS Members & two Members from each Affiliated Society on Saturday 11th July, 2009. The subsidised cost is $30 per person. The event will be held at the Pacific Golf Club “Reflections Room” at Carindale. Entertainment provided by Melanie Hall, who is an excellent Bush Poet/Comedienne. It is advisable to put your name on the list which will be available at meetings or contact the Secretary on 3800 3213.

The Anniversary Dinner: We have 59 names listed as at the end of November 2008 for the Dinner. A booking has already been made at the Pacific Golf Club Reflections Room at Carindale for Saturday, 11th July this year. An entertainer has been booked, and the Committee has agreed on an amount of $30 for members, this is, of course, a subsidised price. Two people from Affiliated Societies will be invited at the same cost.

An excerpt from the QOS Bulletin: January/February 2009 Volume 49 Number 1

75th Anniversary Dinner Invitation


APRIL 10TH,11TH,12TH 9.00AM TO 4.00PM (ALL DAYS)
75th Anniversary dinner, held on Sat. 11th July at Pacific Golf Club, Carindale.
Subsidised cost of $30.00.
For more information, please contact the Secretary on 3800 3213

QOS President’s Report March 2009

This year, as you are all aware, is our 75th Anniversary. Planning for the celebratory dinner is well underway and I hope you are all planning to attend what is shaping to be a wonderful night. Thank you to Pauline who had done much of the preparatory work in sourcing the venue and menu for the night.

To you the members: I believe that members moving motions to enable us to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves, such as the recent donations to the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal and the Flood victims in North Queensland, as well as donations to charities during the year, demonstrate the willingness to assist and the caring nature of this society.

Thank you to all of you for the opportunity to be your president. Thank you to all who so freely and willingly give their time to make this the great society that we are.

An excerpt from the QOS Bulletin: March 2009 Volume 49 Number 2

75th Anniversary Dinner Invitation


All QOS Members and Affiliated Societies are reminded of our 75th Anniversary Dinner
Saturday, 11th July 2009. Commencing 6.30pm for 7pm.
CandlelightCandlelightThe Venue is Reflections Room
Pacific Golf Club
430 Pine Mountain Road
An excellent Menu has been arranged
Entertainment – A Bush Poet/Comedienne
Plenty of Door Prizes and Souvenirs
The subsidised cost of $30 each is payable as soon as possible
Those Members wishing to attend are asked to contact the Secretary without delay.

An excerpt from the QOS Bulletin: May 2009 Volume 49 Number 4


The Anniversary dinner was a happy and enjoyable event, with a total of 90 people attending.The meal was excellent, and was enjoyed by all. The light hearted entertainment brought a smile to many faces.

Well deserved Life Membership Certificates & Medals were awarded to Tom Jenkins, Albert & Anne Gibbard and Reg Illingworth. All of these people have contributed much time and effort to the affairs of QOS over many years.

We were happy to see eight Life Members attend.
Charlie Hill joined June 1956 (53 years) Les Lobley joined March 1966 (43 years)
Fred Kleimeyer joined March 1977 (32 years) Percy & Fay Tesch March 1981 (28 years)
Ray Doolan December 1984 (25 years), Nick Woolley October 1991 (18 years)
Maree Illingworth September 1994 (15 years).

Thank you to Helen Murray for the beautiful table decorations and an attractive welcoming arrangement at the entrance. Wine & chocolates were given out to holders of lucky ticket numbers and the table decorations were given to some of the ladies. Each dinner guest also received a specially engraved Anniversary Biro.

Thanks go to the Committee for all of the prior arrangements too numerous to list. Thank you to the QOS Members and all of the Affiliated Societies who attended, many people caught up with old friends, and going by the noise level it appeared there was much to say.

An excerpt from the QOS Bulletin: July 2009 Volume 49 Number 6

The Society welcomes potential members to come to the general meetings as our guests, and advises those wishing to join us that subscription fees (in Australian Dollar) are:

$20 for a single, $25 for a family from 1st January

$10 for a single, $12.50 for a family from 1st July

Other Orchid Societies interested in affiliating with us are advised that Society Affiliation is $30 payable on the 1st January each year.

Payment is by cash or cheque to

The Queensland Orchid Society Inc.

PO Box 126
Browns Plains BC
QLD 4118

Queensland Orchid Society Meeting, Exhibiting, Judging, Schedule and Proceedings

The Society holds meeting on every second Monday of each month (excluding January and December) at

Red Hill Community Sports Centre
22 Fulcher Road, Red Hill, QLD 4059, AUSTRALIA

Each meeting commences at 8pm.

✿❀Society Objectives❀✿

  • To promote good fellowship among all people interested in orchid culture and in horticulture generally;
  • To further the knowledge and advancement of all that pertains to orchids particularly their natural history, cultivation and hybridisation and the dissemination of such knowledge;
  • To carry out research and educational activities into all aspects of orchidaceae;
  • To assist Governments in preventing destruction of our native flora and to conserve by cultivation, species threatened by land development;
  • To operate and maintain a judging system that complies with the AOC judging standards.


Patron: The Queensland Governor, Ms Penelope Wensley, ACSlc. Jillian Lea 'Rae' HCC/QOS 1998

President: Albert Gibbard

Senior Vice President: Barry Kable

Junior Vice President: Gordon Grant

Secretary: Maree Illingworth

Treasurer: Nick Woolley

Registrar of Judges: Athol Rosenberg

Editor: Kev Horsey

Committee: Reg Illingworth, Anne Gibbard, Margaret Horsey, Margaret Tierney, Myra Westphal, Alfred Filia, Greg Molloy
Dtps. Golden City 'Fong Ping' HCC/QOS 1997

Spring and Autumn Shows

Den. discolor 'Abergowrie' HCC/QOS 1998

Each held over three days, the Spring and Autumn Shows have amazing displays of many types of orchid species and hybrids, including Australian native orchids, modern hybrids and exotic species from Asia, South America and Africa.

There will be an extensive range of orchids, floral art arrangements, orchid accessories, books, bark, pots, fertilisers and horticultural supplies for sale at reasonable prices.

Cultural advice and potting demonstrations will be presented.

Light refreshments and raffles with great prizes will be available.

Venue: Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong QLD 4066, Australia

For any inquiry about the Shows:

We hope to see you at the Spring and Autumn Shows.
Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show Schedule

Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show is held yearly in Spring (September/October). Next Show: 19-21 September 2014, 8.30am-3.30pm

Queensland Orchid Society Autumn Show Schedule

Queensland Orchid Society Autumn Show is held yearly in Autumn (March/April). Next Show: 3-5 April 2015, 8.30am-3.30pm

Queensland Orchid Society Autumn Show on 24 March 2012

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