The One Thousand and One Faces of Bulbophyllum

Finally, first serious blooming, after some 2-3 open buds only, rewarded with 11 open buds today, that’s what I call “show off”

I am not sure if I ever achieve that amazing multiple spike picture, first two buds did open now, and there is 10 more buds in the different stages. Sadly, blooms last only a few days. Nevertheless, one of my absolutely favorite Bulbophyllum species.

According to Larry Mayse: I mounted a small division of Bulbophyllum alagense (Kew; Bulbophyllum mucronatum subsp. alagense) on an extra large Kool-Log in December of 2014. It has nearly covered the entire log at this point. I grow it warm and in medium-low light. The flowers are 1/2″ / 1.3cm across.

Ex-situ Bulbophyllum obtusum Gunung Jerai Botanical Park.

2 thoughts on “The One Thousand and One Faces of Bulbophyllum

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