JATUN SISA Botanical Garden and Sanctuary of Wildlife 🏞

9 thoughts on “JATUN SISA Botanical Garden and Sanctuary of Wildlife 🏞

    • Hello Kelo! How have you been? Ensuring and maintaining the richness of biodiversity of your rainforests are definitely worthwhile and pressing undertaking, Kelo! It seems that you have a well-coordinated team there.

      Please kindly send my best regards to everyone in the team, Kelo! Thank you. Each and everyone of your project members is a hero, environmental activist and/or a “green warrior”, so to speak. In a sense, the germplasm bank that you mentioned is a kind of repository for a specific biodiversity inventory, which also serves an educational purpose for visitors and the public, lending opportunities for increasing public awareness and discourse.

      I am delighted to see that there is now a biotechnological research division in the JATUN SISA Botanical Garden created by your young scientists in the biotechnological engineering discipline in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


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    • Thank you, sunnymirrors, for your brief comment, though I wonder why you like to visit JATUN SISA Botanical Garden one day. Perhaps your reason might have something to do with not just its being “stunning” but also its being in Ecuador, which is quite close to Colombia, the country of origin for the writer Gabriel García Marquez.

      I observed the following quote serving as the introduction to your blog:

      There is magic in every moment.

      And this blog is about contemplating moments of everyday Life that were meant to be written…by different people from various parts of the world sharing their own perspective on the magic of this moment.

      As Colombian writer Gabriel García Marquez said it not just once but many times regarding to magic realism: there is something magical in every day life situations, this is not something unique or reserved for Latin America… You just have to look carefully.

      On some levels and perspectives, I feel certain resonance with the contemplative nature and potential of moments arising in everyday life situations, and would like to add some of my thoughts and distillations about what matters in the following post:
      SoundEagle in Best Moment Award from Moment Matters

      Assuming that you are also interested in visiting places far away from South America, I would like to bring your attention to the following destinations worth discovering for their moments forged as memories and captured in photographs:

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  4. Thank you for your recommendations, will check them at some point.
    My mum & aunt are big orchid lovers and it seems to me like a whole new world to discover!
    To be honest, the idea to visit has nothing to do with Colombia, South America is very big and diverse… And even though One of my closest friends is also from Ecuador, the makn reason is that it is simply stunning, regardless of where it is on the map 🙂
    All the best.

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