Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Romantic Orchid Display, Art, Poetry and Game 💝🕊💌💘

Queensland Orchid International Romance
Valentine’s Day

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Beginning in the second half of the 20th century, roses and chocolates have become the staples of gifts for those celebrating intimacy or accentuating their mutual love for each other on Valentine’s Day.

Half a century later, at the turn of the millennium, the increasing range and availability of newer and more brightly coloured orchid flowers, as exemplified by the long-lasting blooms of myriad Phalaenopsis cultivars commercially grown and sold in small pots, have raised the status and desirability of orchids as the choice plants for delivering floral declarations of love.

The following paragraphs extracted from the article entitled “Fostering a long-term relationship with orchids” demonstrate the latest ascendency of hybrid orchids offered as anniversary gifts to commemorate romance:

Tending to an orchid is akin to taking care of a relationship.

There isn’t a link between orchids and Valentine’s Day, said Brenda Oviatt, and yet the way she spoke of the fussy flowering plants, the care that’s required and the approximately 35,000 species that now exist, there might as well be.

“There’s no link (with Valentine’s Day),” Oviatt said, “but they’re beginning to be really popular gifts.”

That’s in part due to the explosion of man-made hybrid orchids, which are easier to care for than traditional orchids.

It is also a significant advantage that the floral longevity of orchids far exceeds that of roses.

On this special day, SoundEagle would like to invite all of you to celebrate the occasion with not just Roses but also Orchids via beautiful presentation of Photos, Videos, Computer & Web Graphics, Poem and Game.

It is Valentine’s Day (14th February). If you are interested and creatively inclined, then gather your best-looking and most romantic (flowering) orchids, bring them indoor or outdoor, decorate and/or surround them with Valentine’s Day gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia, jewellery, decor(ations), ornaments, plush toys and so on.

Take photos (or videos) and upload them to the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group to celebrate the occasion and to impress us with your creativity!

Click any image below to see gallery images displayed in a full-size carousel view and to comment on each photo. More photos will be added as they become available.
SoundEagle in Love and Dove, Art and Heart on Valentine's Day with Gifts
What is Love’s Forte?
Is it to convey
All at once today
Amore Dolce?
How far can Love survey
The landscape of drama
On Saint Valentine’s day
With oaths, poems and flora?
When does the romantic Love
Become a symbol of peace
That likens homecoming Dove
To Cupid’s arrow release?
Time turns months and seasons adrift
Anniversary jolts the Heart
A precious chance to send a gift
In the form of 🦅SoundEagle’s Art
°💟°Heart Cubes°💟°
°💗°Love in Heart°💗°
°💟°Heart Cubes°💟°
Photo & Video Contributions

Those who are interested in contributing photos or videos can upload them to the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group.

Excellent or exceptional photos and videos uploaded to the group may be featured in the following Gallery of this post to provide exemplary visual documentations of Romantic Orchid Display for Valentine’s Day.

16 thoughts on “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Romantic Orchid Display, Art, Poetry and Game 💝🕊💌💘

    • Hi Barbara! Another two years have passed, and Valentine’s Day is once again dawning on us. May you and Max find new ways and inspirations to enjoy each other’s company and gifts (either existing ones or newly purchased)! Thank you for your compliments. 🙂


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    • Thank you for your encouragement. SoundEagle is delighted that you have found the contents of this celebratory post to be satisfactory and enjoyable in many ways.

      In fact, there is an even more engaging and dynamic way by which to increase your level of satisfaction, enjoyment and participation. Had you installed Flash on your computer or mobile device, and assuming that your Internet browser could work with Flash without a hitch, you would have noticed half a dozen gold fish swimming in the watery reflection of the white candle and the pink Cymbidium flowers occupying the bottom half of the Valentine’s Day poem. You would also be able to see and play the three Valentine’s Day games entitled °💟°Heart Cubes°💟°, °💗°Love in Heart°💗° and °💟°Heart Cubes°💟° respectively. Otherwise, you will see only the three static images instead of the three interactive games.

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