Celebrate 2015 Mother’s Day with Orchids, Arts, Gifts and Shows 💐🎁

Celebrate 2015 Mother's Day with Queensland Orchid International

Mother’s Day on the 10th May 2015 is a celebration honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

The joys and importance of motherhood are commemorated during the modern festival, when people pay tribute to their mothers and express their love and gratitude for them.

Happy Mother’s Day

On this special day, SoundEagle would like to invite all of you to celebrate the occasion with not just sentiments, songs, quotes, messages, poems, prayers, gifts, crafts, recipes and articles, but also flowering orchids via beautiful presentation of Photos, Videos, Computer & Web Graphics🖥, Paintings🖼, Floral Arrangements💐, Artistic Displays🎑, Ornaments & Decorations🎍, Shows & Markets🏬.

If you are interested and creatively inclined, please gather your best-looking and most attractive (flowering) orchids, bring them indoor or outdoor, decorate and/or surround them with Mother’s Day gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia, jewellery, decor(ations), ornaments, plush toys and so on.

Then take photos (and/or videos) and upload them to the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group to celebrate the occasion and to impress us with your creativity!

oO*♥*ೋღ ❤ HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ❤ ღೋ *♥*Oo



Click any image below to see gallery images displayed in a full-size carousel view and to comment on each photo. More photos will be added as they become available.
Mother’s Day Orchid Show & Sale

2014 Oklahoma Orchid Society’s Show and Sale, 16 May 2014, by Angel O Gabriel

OOS Mother’s Day, Show and sale. It was so much fun, but very tiring at the end when we had to clean the whole area!

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to you!
May your day be as bright and colourful as this orchid garden!

Photo & Video Contributions

Those who are interested in contributing photos or videos can upload them to the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group.

Excellent or exceptional photos and videos uploaded to the group may be featured in the following Gallery of this post to provide exemplary visual documentations of Mother’s Day with Orchids, Arts, Gifts and Shows.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate 2015 Mother’s Day with Orchids, Arts, Gifts and Shows 💐🎁

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  2. I was spoilt this year by my 3 gorgeous daughters ! One daughter bought a whole Peking duck ( cooked & chopped) complete with plum & hoisin sauces & pancakes , one daughter baked a cake & the third little ( tallest) daughter bought a bouquet of flowers . We had a feast & talked about everything , the afternoon sped by at the rate of knots because we love each other’s company & our cats joined in – opportunists but also family members :-)) ps my quiche & salad was a hit & I hope to see my son in law next year ! If he does play hockey again I think we’ll watch his game next year – he’s a good player & a nice guy .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi thenakedflorist! It is delightful that you have had a wonderful family reunion on this occasion. What a way to start a new week! You must be enjoying the afterglow of your motherhood, and savouring the good food and company with both your children and pet cats.

      SoundEagle hopes to see more of your orchid photos being uploaded to the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group. As the instruction above indicates, it is the spirit that counts more than the sheer number of orchid flowers present in the uploaded photo(s).

      Some examples of what SoundEagle did with just a few flowering orchids can be seen at the post entitled Happy Easter!.

      So, even if you just have an orchid flower or two, it will still make a great photo, especially when you surround the flower(s) with those suggested items in the instruction.

      Please feel free to include whatever text or thought(s) you have in mind when you upload your photo(s).


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