Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

Definitely one of my favorite Lepanthes species, super small and pretty much in bloom most of the year. Sadly, I always miss multiple open buds pics, but at least some details of the bloom from today 🙂

The colony is slowly growing bigger and bigger. 2+ years ago I started with some 3 tubers, they did grow leaves but did not bloom. During dormancy, they were kept in small jello plastic cup with very lightly moist sphagnum covered with the lid (misting less than once a month). When they were waking up, moved them to this small plastic greenhouse from Target, bottom layer is very fine bonsai/cactus mix, on the top some life sphagnum moss, tubers are just sitting on the mix. Kept closed at all times, misting only once a week in active growth avoiding leaves, I did bloom all 3 tubers last year. They were in bloom for nearly 4 months, and grew new tubers on new rhizomes for another 4+ months. Went dormant only in January, last month all tubers starting to sprout again, so far there is 8 new leaves all with buds, and I can see another 2 new ones growing from tubers. Will continue growing like this, not removing from the greenhouse, but keeping only very lightly moist during dormant period.

That is tag ID, but who knows what it is. Really tiny species.

I love this species, and reliable bloomer every spring! Grown intermediate to hot year round.

Found From Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, cute miniature orchid with blooms creating kind of cauliflower floret. Grown intermediate to hot.

Another of my plants is in bloom. It seems that this PNG species can bloom at any time of the year, and multiple times too! Grown outside in the winter, inside for the hot summer months.

This one is grown inside and does much better with the blooming than one outside. Tiny blooms have great shape and very nice coloring.

This cold growing creeping miniature from China became one of my favorite after seeing it’s beautiful bloom for the first time! It seems to grow quite well outside which makes me even more happy!

My first and only Lycaste species, first blooming. Grown outside, dry winter rest.

This one was on my wish list for quite a while, and I could not wait for the blooms. After many many MANY blasted buds, this one is the first open bloom! I have few plants growing inside and outside, this blooming one is inside plant under LED in intermediate temps.


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