Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

Species from Ecuador, first time blooming for me. Grown inside in wooden terrarium, bright shade.

Decided to go full bloom now. I haven’t had this many spikes open at the same time for a long time 😉

Got this one from Ecuador, need to figure out the correct ID. Love the bloom. Grown outside year round, shade.

It was one of my orchid dreams to see this micro orchid bloom with my own eyes. This particular plant comes from Cundinamarca, Colombia at elevation 2700m (not from Peru). Fantastic bloom on this cold growing species.

From Panama, ID was not correct (barbulatum). Loves our hot weather, in spike most of the spring and summer till late fall.

Rewarding small size orchid from Asia. Grows great outside in warm/hot, this is third blooming since spring. Similar to Dendrobium bellatulum but christyanum differs mostly in the flat central callus on the lip with the yellow or white apex. Large bloom in compare to whole plant size too.

Different plant with blooms that are colored more orange than red.

Orange red – from 3 buds only one survived till opening, other two blasted (and sadly all other buds on two more cuthbertsonii blasted too:-() Love cuthbies! Cold grower from PNG.

Cold-growing species blooming in our super hot nasty summer. Some buds blasted but I am happy to have some open, with the outside 114F it is miracle it can even bloom inside 😉

Hairy blooms are awesome! Warm/hot growing, shade, moist.


6 thoughts on “Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

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