Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

One of my favorite! Took just a few months break from spiking. This micro baby can bloom nonstop for some 10 months! Cold growing species that does grows perfectly in Miami inside & in the glass orb together with Lepanthes telipogoniflora 😉

Miniature orchid species from Brazil. Even it says this one is hot growing species, I killed decent amount of these, and they did die always in the summer time when outside. So I do move them inside for the hottest months of the year now.

Warm growing species from Panama cloud forests, shade, moist, watered daily.

This one is the bloom from the hygrolon cylinder. My absolute winner in the whole collection, over 100 leaves within 2+ years (from original 25).

This is the project that has started in 2013. Many orchids are thriving, others did not like the hygrolon so much. This is the update 2 years after.

Cross of D. cuthbertsonii x D. lawesii. I do 99% species, but cuthbertsonii crosses are very appealing to me, mostly for one reason – they are much easier to grow and bloom in our hot Florida. This one got dwarfism and long lived blooms from cuthbertsonii + much higher tolerance to heat from lawesii. Blooms are red with some orange petals. Grown inside under the LED.

Found in Rio Grande Do Sul state Brazil, warm to cold growing species blooming on the kool log outside in Miami.

One of the easy growing Masdies, blooms year round in the small glass orb. Mosses are thriving on the hygrolon mount too.

Another “check mark” on my list, true cold growing Lepanthes blooming in Miami today for the very first time! Can’t be happier! Coming from Peru at elevations around 1900-2000m, I do grow it only intermediate inside the glass vase, day temps 76F, nights 68F, moist, high humidity, LED light.


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