Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

This is really not about some amazing orchid bloom, more about the leafless species. This one came from Panama some 2 years ago, very tiny poor little thing. I was actually super excited that it did survive, and a few days ago I did find spikes that I completely missed most likely for days! It is very hard to take any good picture of this very tiny bloom. Grown warm / hot year round, mounted, shade, misting daily, sometimes multiple times, regular fertilizing.

Piece of nature in progress, slowly growing bigger, and adding more. Great to see multiple Pleuro species in bloom at the same time. Driftwood has Pleurothallis lewisae, Pleurothallis dressleri, Pleurothallis calyptrostele, Pleurothallis simmleriana, Pleurothallis grobyi, Pleurothallis picta, Pleurothallis sp. Panama & Pleurothallis sp. Jamaica. Today blooming – dressleri, simmleriana, & picta all together in spike / bud 😉 Grown warm / hot year round, shade, watering daily.

One of the smallest blooms in my collection 🙂 I am usually pretty good to stop even the smallest blooms, buds and spikes, but with this baby, I am sure I was missing blooms for years, wondering why it does not bloom for me, till my friend arrived for the Redland show and took it to his hands to tell me it is in spike. The blooms are super small, very hard to photograph, but have amazing shape and color 🙂 Grown mounted outside year round, mounted, shade, watering daily.

Easy to grow miniature / small orchid for outside in warm to hot zone. Mounted, bright shade, regular watering and fertilizing year round.

Intermediate to warm growing species

Cold growing species from PNG

  • K-w SoundEagle The flower of Dendrobium hellwigianum does resembles a little bird with pink torso, orange head and beak, plus white feathers and tail, nothing at all to remind us of hell and wig. 😉 10 mins · Edited · Like · 1

Cold growing species from PNG

  • K-w SoundEagle Hi Tomas, this Dendrobium vexillarius orange reminds me of what you wrote on the 2nd of March about a similar orchid:
    “Dendrobium cuthbertsonii orange x bicolor – another very special post, I have never believed I will be able to grow, and on the top to bloom cuthbie in Miami. It took some extended search, and finding the plant from grower in California that did grow this Dendro up to 85F and up to 35F. It is outside since I got it early October, in December it started 3 buds, that are finally opening now!”
    Which one is more challenging to grow?
    Which one requires cooler temperature? 1 hr · Like · 1
  • K-w SoundEagle Given the size of this specimen, you must have had it for at least a few years. 1 hr · Like · 1
  • Tomas Bajza Tomas Bajza K-w I wish, this is new family member, I purchased it in this specimen size and in bud, this will be much bigger challenge, they can grow in my room temperature of 76F days, but to make them thrive and bloom, I will need to provide cold nights, it will be easy in the late fall and winter time, when this one, as most of the other cold growing PNG Dendros will go camp outside and will get huge temp differences between day/night, however summer will be challenge, and I am already trying to think about the ways how to cool it during the night 🙂
    1 hr · Unlike · 1
  • K-w SoundEagle HaHa Tomas . . . the challenge has started, as this orchid is already picking your brain, so to speak! 1 hr · Like
  • K-w SoundEagle This new family member must be quite a considerable outlay. What a splendid addition to your collection of miniature orchids! 🙂 48 mins · Like
  • Tomas Bajza Tomas Bajza I always adored this species, I had a few, they did grow well, but never did bloom, I think nights in the fridge over the summer and than camping outside during the winter will help 🙂 14 hrs · Unlike · 1

Easy to grow small Dendrobium species with great size & color of the blooms, warm to hot growing, needs dry winter rest to bloom!

Small Central American orchid with very long spike! It took over 8 months from the first sign of the spike till the buds open!

  • K-w SoundEagle The flowers of Nageliella purpurea look very delicious, Tomas!
    How tall is the plant (not counting the inflorescence), and how long is the inflorescence?
    11 May at 16:01 · Like · 1
  • K-w SoundEagle Biologically speaking, I wonder why the inflorescence takes eight months to produce the first flower, and why it needs to be that long. Any answers, Tomas? 11 May at 16:04 · Like · 1
  • Tomas Bajza Tomas Bajza Nope, maybe it was just my plant, who knows, but Aerangis citrata takes 8-10 months from the first sign of the spike till buds open too 🙂 The plant itself has leaves around 3-6inches, the spike is long some 20-30 inches 🙂 11 May at 16:27 · Unlike · 1

Amazing miniature Bulbo from Asia, first blooming. It is grown outside year round, mounted on the cork, watered daily, regular fertilizing, shade.


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