Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

Update – Corybas are growing well in my mini plastic Target greenhouse 🙂

Instead of sending new growth it has decided to spike for the second time this season 🙂

Beautiful Brazilian species, I love the growing habit of this orchid, and the blooms are just extra plus 🙂 Grown outside, mounted, letting dry in between waterings, regular fertilizing, bright light.

This one is really elegant and beautiful, grown outside mounted on the kool log, bright shade. Blooms last for many days. RO water only, weak fertilizing, keeping moist at all times (but not soggy).

Cute miniature, hot growing species, grown outside year round, bright shade, regular watering and fertilizing. Producing many spikes at the time with tiny Oncidium type blooms.

Another orchid dream came true! Grown outside, in shade, keeping moist at all times, only rain or RO water, regular fertilizing. This Dracula comes from Colombia, and is one of a few Draculas blooming with multiple buds on the same spike at the same time. I LOVE MONKEY ORCHIDS!

Ok, I did try Corybas last year, with not much luck, I made some tubers grow the tiny leaf, but most of the leaves did rot, one lasted for some 2+ months, but never bloomed. I did try in Starbucks cup with the lid, in glass jar, in vivarium. This year I got $1 Target tiny plastic greenhouse (sold as the kit with soil and seeds in $1 section), made some holes on the top, and put small cactus mix inside, Corybas tubers are just laying on the mix, last month they all started to sprout, and they are growing, looking happy! Inside are Corybas geminigibbus and Corybas calopeplos. Keeping my fingers crossed to see some blooms!

South American hot growing species, definitely not the color I was hoping for (when compared to Google), but still pretty. Potted in sphagnum moss, bright shade, outside year round.

Beautiful species from China, love the bloom shape and color, still did not figure out why it gives me only one bloom every single year. Large plant mounted on the cork slab.

Even it says cold to cool growing, I grow it intermediate, days 76F, nights 68F, in wood/glass terrarium, blooms many times a year.


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