Lotti B Schwab and Her Love of Native Orchids in Austria 🎑

Lotti B Schwab at Queensland Orchid International

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music and the Sight of Orchids . . . . .

✿❀ LOTTI B SCHWAB at Queensland Orchid International ❀✿

Ich wurde 1965 in einer Großstadt in Deutschland geboren. Meine Liebe zur Natur habe ich von klein an, aber ich bin erst spät aufs Land nach Österreich in die Nähe von Innsbruck gezogen. Ich sehe mich selber als interessierten Laien, gehöre keiner Organisation an, lasse mir aber gerne helfen. Ich fotografiere gerne, ich entdecke gerne Pflanzen die ich noch nicht kannte und lasse mir bei der Bestimmung helfen. Ich habe das Glück in einer Gegend zu leben, in der es noch sehr viel Artenvielfalt gibt. Orchideen wachsen hier zwischen anderen Blumen auf höher gelegenen Weiden mit wenig Tierbesatz. Ich finde sie auf meinen Spaziergängen an Waldwegen und auf Wiesen. Da sie in Deutschland eher selten zu finden sind, war ich überwältigt ob der Menge und Vielfalt die hier wächst. Wenn wir Zeit haben bin ich oft mit meinem Mann mit dem Motorrad in den Bergen unterwegs und oft sehe ich dort Pflanzen wachsen, die ich dringend noch fotografieren muss. Sehr weit kommt man so natürlich nicht 😉

Ich selber mag die unverfälschte Natur, möglichst unberührt, aber trotzdem gleicht meine Wohnung eher einem Dschungel 😉 Mein eigentliches Hauptinteresse liegt aber bei einheimischen Pflanzen die heilen. Da ich inzwischen immer mehr Menschen aus anderen Teilen der Welt kennen lerne die mir Fragen stellen, interessiere ich mich auch mehr und mehr für die Pflanzenwelt anderer Teile der Welt. Artenvielfalt fasziniert mich 🙂 Und darüber bin ich dann hier gelandet.

Ich habe auch eine Website die sich vorrangig mit Heilpflanzen, aber auch mit ein paar Tieren befasst: www.kaesekessel.at Allerdings ist sie auf deutsch und sie beinhaltet bis jetzt keine Orchideen.

Self-Introduction Written by
ჱܓLotti B Schwab

I (namely, Lotti B Schwab) was born in 1965 in a big city in Germany. I loved nature since I was a little child, but lots of years have passed by till I came to live in a little town in Austria next to Innsbruck. And there, around where I live, are plenty of wild orchids growing on meadows and woods. I see myself as an interested layperson, someone who has not learnt it by profession, and who is only a fascinated beginner not belonging to any organization. I’m lucky to live in a part of Europe with lots of different plants and animals — a kind of wildness all around me.

I like taking pictures; I like to discover plants that I do not know, and that I need help in their identification. I am fortunate to live in an area where there is still a lot of biodiversity. Orchids grow here among other flowers on higher pastures with little livestock. I find them on my walks along forest paths and meadows. Since they are rarely found in Germany, I was overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of orchids that grow here. If we have time, I am often riding with my husband on a motorcycle in the mountains along the road, and often I see plants that I still urgently need to photograph there.

I’m looking for everything, for the light in the woods, for running water on stones, for plants that I have never seen before, for bugs, rainbows, for birds on ivy, raindrops on petals, and all that I try to take with my camera, which I carry home to view the subjects captured in my photos. I have some books about plants, some specific books, but at the end I often need to ask others to help me to find out more.

I like the pristine nature, as untouched as possible, but still like my apartment to be more like a jungle;-) My main interest is native plants to use for healing. I try to find out all about them, at first those that grow all around me. But if someone knows more about healing with plants that grow in Australia feel free to contact me. 🙂 Since I now know more and more people from other parts of the world who wish to learn and ask me questions, I am also interested in more and more the plant lives of other parts of the world. Biodiversity fascinates me 🙂 And it is the reason for which I ended up living there.

I don’t have the best camera, but it does its job adequately. And during walking around, watching, taking pics and so on, I found the first orchids in my life. Even here in Europe, orchids are rare and under the protection of government. It’s forbidden to remove them, but it’s normal for cows to eat them 🙂 So I started to take pics of them and to find out what they are. Through some detours, I stumbled upon Australian orchids and now here I am 🙂 And hey! I really have two small little orchids in my flat (amongst plenty others) 😉

SoundEagle wanted me to write more about orchids in Europe. I don’t really know much about them, but I know that there are plenty of different kinds not far away from me. Now I want to take a pic of every orchid I can find, and if I can, I shall show them to you 🙂

I also have a website which deals primarily with medicinal plants, as well as with a few animals: www.kaesekessel.at. However, it is in German and it involves as yet no orchids.

My other websites include:

Translated, edited and expanded by
ჱܓSoundEagle Click here to contact SoundEagle

(Breitblättrige Stendelwurz) wild orchid
July – August. wood, ground calcareous, Euroasiatic, Kollin-Subalpin

(Breitblättriges Knabenkraut) wild Orchid
Native in Europe, May – June, wet meadow, Mire not deep, Their colour can be different. kollin-alpin till subalpin
Europe, Alpes, Austria, Tirol

(Fuchs Knabenkraut or Geflecktes Knabenkraut)
Base (chemistry) ground (oha, how to write that? HELP!) 🙂 Not coca cola, natron :), wet meadow, woods. Euroasiatic, wild Orchid. May – August

They exist in different colours.

(Wohlriechende Handwurz oder Mücken Händelwurz) June – July, native in Europe, lime rubble, pine forests, moor reported
montan-subalpine – alpin

(Rotes Waldvögelein) Europe till west Asia, 20 – 50 cm. June – July, 4 – 12 flowers at each plant. Wood if sun comes to the ground.

(Weisszunge) wild orchid, native, Europe, Austria, Alpes, Austria, Tirol
They grow up till 30 cm. Light yellow till white, flowers in June – July
They grow in mellows,

(Zweiblättrige Waldhyazinthe) European native Orchid, wild living.
Europe – Austia – Alpes – Tirol
They grow up till 50 cm, white till green, smell well.

(Langspornige Handwurz) Europe, Austria, Tirol
Found on a meadow somewhere between the cows

(Rotes Waldvögelein) Wild Orchid
Europe, Austria, Tirol
I found it in a wood, next to a little “road” for to walk on. This area is under protection (closed to national park)

(Männliches Knabenkraut) Wild Orchid
Europe, Alpes, Austria, Tirol

(Zweiblättrige Waldhyazinthe) Wild Orchid
Found in Europe, Alps, Austria

(Männliches Knabenkraut) Native in Europe, wild growing
10 – 40 cm, April – June, meadow, bushes, subalpine – alpin

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