• Queensland Orchid International Mystacidium capense

    Mystacidium capense: A Dainty Orchid from South Africa 🌍✾

    8 standard
  • Queensland Orchid International Plants & Insects

    Do Plants and Insects Coevolve? 🥀🐝🌺🦋

  • The Scents and Smells of Orchids

    The Scents and Smells of Orchids ❀👃✾

  • Queensland Orchid International Oncidium Intergeneric Orchids

    Culture Sheet: Oncidium Intergeneric (Dancing Lady) Orchids

    9 standard
  • Queensland Orchid International Prosthechea cochleata

    Prosthechea cochleata: An Upside-Down, Dangly and Charming Orchid ✾

    1 standard
  • Bulletin, Orchid Show, Orchid Fair, Conference

    Queensland Orchid Society 2014 February Bulletin, Autumn Show, Queensland International Orchid Fair, World Orchid Conference

    13 standard
  • Orchid Mantis

    Orchid Mantis: Imitation and Disguise

    10 standard