• Charlie Robino at Queensland Orchid International

    Charlie Robino: Loving Orchids in Far North Queensland 🌼🏡🎣🌊☀

  • Celebrate 2015 Mother's Day with Queensland Orchid International

    Celebrate 2015 Mother’s Day with Orchids, Arts, Gifts and Shows 💐🎁

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  • Queensland Orchid International Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! 🐰🐣🐇🐤

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  • Rhynchostylis

    Magnificent Orchid Specimens Shared in the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Page

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  • Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show Report with Photos and Results

    Spring Show 2013 Report with Photos and Results 📋

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  • QOS DSC_2977LR

    Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition

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  • Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show Schedule

    Spring Schedule 2013

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  • Colour plate "Orchids" from German biologist Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur

    Orchid Blooms as Eye Candies 😍

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