• Queensland Orchid International Phalaenopsis

    Phalaenopsis: Novice’s Orchid, Mother’s Day Gift and woodlandgnome’s House Plant ✾💃🎁🏡

  • Queensland Orchid International Mystacidium capense

    Mystacidium capense: A Dainty Orchid from South Africa 🌍✾

    9 standard
  • Queensland Orchid International Plants & Insects

    Do Plants and Insects Coevolve? 🥀🐝🌺🦋

  • Alison Viatos at Queensland Orchid International

    Alison Viatos: From Bali with Love 🎑🍃🌿💖

  • Charlie Robino at Queensland Orchid International

    Charlie Robino: Loving Orchids in Far North Queensland 🌼🏡🎣🌊☀

  • Leo Li at Queensland Orchid International

    Leo Li and His Exceptional Orchid Photography 📷📸

    2 standard
  • Tomas Bajza at Queensland Orchid International (1)

    How to Grow Miniature Orchids in Simple Indoor Setups 🎍🎋

    6 standard
  • Tomas Bajza at Queensland Orchid International (2)

    How to Cultivate Cool-Growing Miniature Orchids in the Hot Zone 🌡🥀

    10 standard
  • Lotti B Schwab at Queensland Orchid International

    Lotti B Schwab and Her Love of Native Orchids in Austria 🎑

    2 standard
  • Framed Himalaya Front Cover

    Framed Himalaya: Lachen Valley (Coffee Table Book) 📖🌄

    5 standard
  • Tomas Bajza at Queensland Orchid International

    Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

  • Queensland Orchid International Romance

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Romantic Orchid Display, Art, Poetry and Game 💝🕊💌💘

    16 standard
  • Epidendrum ilense

    ✾ Orchids with Hirsute or Frilly Flowers (series 5) ❦✺❧

    6 standard
  • JATUN SISA Botanical Garden And Sanctuary of Wildlife from ECUADOR

    JATUN SISA Botanical Garden and Sanctuary of Wildlife 🏞

    9 standard
  • Bop Bishop's Small Division of Laelia anceps

    Bark Products from New Zealand and South Australia for Growing Orchids in Australia 🇦🇺

    7 standard
  • Thailand Orchids with the Illingworths (12)

    Thailand Summer, Temple Art and Architecture, Gardens and Orchids with the Illingworths

    2 standard
  • Queensland Orchid International Oncidium Intergeneric Orchids

    Culture Sheet: Oncidium Intergeneric (Dancing Lady) Orchids

  • Urinal Sculptures by Clark Sorensen

    ✾ Orchid Urinal Sculptures by Clark Sorensen 🚽

    21 standard
  • Queensland Orchid International Batik Painting and Textile Art

    ✾ Orchid in Batik Painting and Textile Art ❁👚❂

    7 standard
  • Paphiopedilum bellatulum

    🎨 Superb Illustrations and Paintings of Paphiopedilum Shared in the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Group

    17 standard
  • 2010 Australia Day at Government House

    🇦🇺 Celebrate Australia Day at Government House with the Governor, the Patron of the Queensland Orchid Society

    22 standard
  • [Champion Australian Native Species] Phaius australis by T & J Peachey

    Champion Australian Native Species Phaius australis Discussed in Facebook

    5 standard
  • Champion Cattleya Hybrid Dal’s Emperor ‘Michelle’ Discussed in Facebook

    Champion Cattleya Hybrid Dal’s Emperor ‘Michelle’ Discussed in Facebook

    7 standard
  • QOS DSC_2977LR

    Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition

    35 standard