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640px-Orchid_on_display_at_American_Orchid_Society,_Delray_BeachIn the marsh pink orchid’s faces,

With their coy and dainty graces,

Lure us to their hiding places,

Laugh, O murmuring Spring!

Sarah F. Davis, Summer Song, reported in Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 574
Phalaenopsis philippinensis in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Phalaenopsis philippinensis in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Around the pillars of the palm-tree bower

The orchids cling, in rose and purple spheres;

Shield-broad the lily floats; the aloe flower

Foredates its hundred years.

Bayard Taylor, Canopus, reported in Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 574
SoundEagle's Floral Display on Valentine's Day 2015 (2)

Slc. Jillian Lea 'Rae' HCC/QOS 1998

When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume.

~ Martin Luther King Jr

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John Burroughs “Man takes root at his feet, and at best he is no more than a potted plant in his house or carriage till he has established communication with the soil by the loving and magnetic touch of his soles to it.” ― John Burroughs
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❷ “Connection with gardens, even small ones, even potted plants, can become windows to the inner life. The simple act of stopping and looking at the beauty around us can be prayer.” ― Patricia R. Barrett
Eric Hansen “Many collectors died in process of searching for new species, and despite persistent reports that the men died from drowning, gunshot and knife wounds, snakebite, trampling by cattle, or blows in the head with blunt instruments, it is generally accepted that in each case the primary cause of death was orchid fever.” ― Eric Hansen, Orchid Fever: A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust, and Lunacy
Justina Chen “I hated roses. I hated them for being so trite, so clichéd, a default, all-purpose flower that said I love you, I’m sorry, and get well soon. Give me peonies and tulips, orchids or gardenia. Those were flowers with character.” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful
Tony Kushner “One wants to move through life with elegance and grace, blossoming infrequently but with exquisite taste, and perfect timing, like a rare bloom, a zebra orchid… One wants… But one so seldom gets what one wants, does one?” ― Tony Kushner, Angels in America
❻ “And when two people understand each other in their inmost hearts,
Their words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of orchids.” ― I Ching
Oscar Wilde “Lord Illingworth told me this morning that there was an orchid there as beautiful as the seven deadly sins.” ― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance 
❽ “You’re a quiet, beautiful woman in a loud, ugly place. An orchid among weeds. You define obvious.” ― Lynn Viehl, Stay the Night
Vanessa Diffenbaugh “You should see the way she smiles when I rattle off the names of the orchids in the greenhouse: oncidium, dendrobium, bulbophyllum, and epidendrum, tickling her face with each blossom. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Orchidaceae’ was her first word.” ― Vanessa Diffenbaugh, The Language of Flowers
Fyodor Dostoyevsky “It is better to be unhappy and know the worst, than to be happy in a fool’s paradise.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

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    • Welcome, Alienorajt, to ✿❀Queensland Orchid International❀✿, a global orchid society and diverse community with an international horizon!

      Those outdoor specimens in the top two photos are from the orchid genus phalaenopsis, many species and cultivars from which SoundEagle has been growing by the dozens on the balcony. Their flowers can be very long-lasting, each blossom can bloom for one month to more than three months! Indeed, their beauty is matched by their longevity. Some are also mildly fragrant.


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