Banner Jigsaw Puzzles ðŸ’ 

Queensland Orchid International Jigsaw Puzzles

The beautiful banner of Queensland Orchid International is in complete disarray; it has been digitally fragmented into many curvaceous pieces as shown below.

Can you restore the banner to its coherent origin in good time in the following jigsaw puzzles?

Being graded by difficulty aside, each of the following puzzles has a set of control buttons at the top right corner. Starting from the leftmost, they are the thumbnail preview, full-screen mode, pause, timer, and reset (to restart the puzzle in a new configuration).
Easy (9 pieces)
Normal (25 pieces)
Tricky (42 pieces)
Hard (72 pieces)
Challenging (120 pieces)
Insane (195 pieces)
Jigsaw Puzzle in Perspective

However challenging or frustrating any jigsaw puzzle may be to its assembler, it nevertheless does have one definitive, albeit mechanical and predefined, solution.

Unifying or underlying the puzzle is a finished scheme, a master blueprint, an intended design, globally recognizable but locally undiscernible, held together by the “interlocking” shapes, or rather, the fitting edges of individual pieces, each of which has been specifically fashioned to “click” into its “allotted” place. Hence, a jigsaw puzzle is like a rigidly defined mould or edifice into which its variedly contoured constituents must fit and work well. Engineered without any leeway for free will, alteration or indeterminacy, each piece is an essential “missing” link, a clue, a catalyst, a solution, and an inextricable part of the whole that is exactly the sum of its parts.

Having amassed hours of human attention, a completed jigsaw puzzle tends to be a precariously poised beauty of low entropy and high fragility. Like a loosely fitted two-dimensional Lego set, it is all too easily dismantled ― as if chaos is the rule, and order the exception ― to provide hours of challenge or frustration to another willing solver.

Orchid Jigsaw Puzzles
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