Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show 2013 on Facebook

Queensland Orchid Society on Facebook (37 Likes) with Emblem

QOS Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition


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10 thoughts on “Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show 2013 on Facebook

  1. Hello there , wherever you are !
    I just had the most gorgeous sunset looking out to your mountains .
    I am going to have to change my status – maybe we can do it togeather ? , just tonight a young girl who has been liking a lot about me called me handsome ! – stop laughing !! I shouldn’t have shared my motorbike pic after she showed me a near naked girl on a chopper LOL . I had to tell her about you & I’m feeling sad for her now . I was a little confused when her status said in a complicated relationship LOL – I never knew I had such appeal !!
    Enough about me , how & where are you ? – we are like ships in the night lately !
    I’m exhausted from racing around getting supplies in & chopping & dicing everything I can for Xmas day . Also have been completing stages of a desert .
    Because you occupy most of my mind most of the time I haven’t been reading so I have lent the luminaries to Lynne – she is a verocious reader , she said she’d leave my book mark in for me .
    Would enjoy any feed back !
    Take care wherever you are -,& I’m signing off – Sexy ! Xxx


    • Alison, please be advised that such matters as you just described do not correspond with the nature and subject matters of the Queensland Orchid Society.

      You are welcome to submit comments, but do pay attention to their pertinence in style and relevance in content. Since you have been member(s) of other horticultural club(s), such requirement and observation should be a second nature to you.

      May you enjoy the festive season!


      • Well , so much for the relaxed kw after a holiday . Did I correspond to you in the wrong forum ?
        Ps yes I do belong to other Hort organisations but not electronicly . This is a first experience for me – so show me the way rather than telling me in a bad mood ! As usual the conversation is a one way street. Good night .


      • On the contrary, Alison, please kindly read the previous advice carefully again and you will see that any reasonable person will and can conclude without a doubt that the advice has been given to you in a very civilised, considerate manner, and that the matters that you described earlier bear little or no relevance to Queensland Orchid Society Spring Show 2013 on Facebook, which is the topic of this post.

        Even if SoundEagle and/or you would not mind your mentioning such matters here, other members of the Queensland Orchid Society would consider your comments as being incompatible, inappropriate or unbefitting, even to be dismissed as spams.


      • Continuing your orientation on the etiquettes of commenting, Alison, please kindly visit Orchid Blooms as Eye Candies to see some good examples of how other commenter(s) composed their comments not just in the comment area of a post but also in the comment area of a photo within the post. To comment on a photo, click it to access its larger version and comment area, where you will also see additional information pertaining to the photo and the camera with which the photo was taken.


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