Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

Super cute miniature, grown outside year round, mounted, bright shade, letting dry out between waterings.

Mormodes skinneri and Mormodes igneum blooming together 🙂

This is just the update on the Corybas – my tubers of Corybas geminigibbus started to sprout in March. That was the time I took them out of the jello plastic shot where I kept them dormant and potted into small plastic greenhouse from Target. They grew roots and leaves and bloomed April – May. Surprisingly the blooms lasted nearly two months open! They are still in active growth now, and new tubers are forming. Waiting for them to go sleep again 🙂

After blooming outside early spring, it is blooming inside now where it is “surviving” our hot summer before going back out

Found in Trinidad & Tobago as well as parts of South America, beautiful “huge” bloom for this small size orchid! First time blooming in my care. Warm growing, outside year round.

Miniature Brazilian species that grows well outside in our hot Florida 😉

This is one of the easiest growing Lepanthes species I’ve ever had, and I do strongly suggest it to any Lepanthes beginner. It says cold growing but it does grow fantastic in intermediate temps and in simple glass orb setup. It’s in spike nonstop for 11 months now! Blooms have really nice shape and great coloring. Mounted on cork, shade.

So far the best growing Lepanthes species in my intermediate conditions. 8 spikes producing buds, this is third open bloom, and it is sequential bloomer too. Grown inside in the glass vase, day temps 76F, nights 69F, bright shade.

Yes, it is possible to grow cold growing PNG Dendrobiums in hot Miami – here are a few of the new buds starting in our hot summer – first pic Dendrobium subacaule with 2 new buds, second picture Dendrobium Flower Baby ‘White Tips (Victoria reginae x cuthbertsonii cross) first bud in my care, last two pics Dendrobium cuthbertsonii red with two buds (third blooming in past 12 months).

Mounted on the small hygrolon liana log, 70+ leaves, for the first time 4 spikes at the same time, but in the different stages so they won’t be open at once. First bud opened yesterday. This one is grown inside and blooms pretty much from early spring till late fall many times.


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