Tomas Bajza and His Exotic Miniature Orchids ❀🔅✾

Hot growing miniature species from Central America, shade, moist, high humidity. Also known as “The Thorny Pleurothallis”.

Amazing fireworks of the blooms – always reminds me the blooms of Dendrobium species, but Eria is separate now with some 500-1000 individual Eria species. Grown outside year round, potted, bright light, letting dry between waterings, regular fertilizing, watering year round.

Another leafless in bloom. This bloom reminds me of the “smiley face” symbol :). Grown warm to hot, mounted, misted daily, covered with Spanish moss.

  • Michael Angel Morales LLuch RARELY SEEN OR KNOWN! A very unusual leafless Orchid first time I saw it in Malaysia then in Cambodia it has a .22″ (5.5mm) tiny yellow flowers, grows on the ends of tree branches. Found in south-central China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Borneo, Java, Sumatra and Vietnam in high levels of humidity to flourish. Found in swampy primary montane forests on mangrove and coffee plants at elevations of 450 to 2,000 feet (150 to 600 meters) as a warm growing small ephytic growing on the ends of tree branches. A miniature gem, a small sized, warm growing epiphyte with creeping, flattened roots that blooms on a sessile, .4″ [1 cm] long, rachis, which is brown-green, covered with warts with many successively flowered inflorescence with two ranked, triangular, floral bracts carrying thin, wide open flowers.

    It has stem, leaves have been reduced to very tiny structures about 1mm to 2mm long. The roots, are 4cm by 6cm, do all of the work, absorb water, mineral, nutrients, make food, anchor the plant to tree branches.

Grown outside year round, mounted, shade, regular watering and fertilizing, never letting dry out completely. Spikes many times a year.

Easy to grow miniature outside in warm / hot year round. Shade, regular watering, letting slightly dry in between. Regular fertilizing. Blooms many times a year.

Miniature species from Asia, grown outside year round, bright shade, misting daily, regular fertilizing.

Ok, so I usually never share any starting spikes or buds, till my chids bloom, but what I’ve found today is super uber exciting for me, and beyond believe. I do grow “a few” Telipogons in Miami apartment, no cold case or wine chiller, just like that, mounted sticking from the glass vase. They do grow fantastic with days 76F and nights 68F, new leaves, new roots everywhere, but all the buds that I’ve ever get did blast. For past two months I am putting the smallest one for the night to the plastic herb container and into the fridge (door part). Today, I found that the sheath on the biggest bud is open and it seems like there is healthy folded bloom inside. I believe this is Telipogon bowmanii. I am on the cloud #9, and scared, because next week Friday I am leaving for a week and there will be my friend taking care of my chids, which means not the same care provided. I will be so unhappy if this bloom does not fully open for me!

Grow outside year round, mounted, shade, watering every day.

Cute miniature species, grown warm to hot, mounted, bright shade, regular watering and fertilizing.

Piece of nature in progress, slowly growing bigger, and adding more. Great to see multiple Pleuro species in bloom at the same time. Driftwood has Pleurothallis lewisae, Pleurothallis dressleri, Pleurothallis calyptrostele, Pleurothallis simmleriana, Pleurothallis grobyi, Pleurothallis picta, Pleurothallis sp. Panama & Pleurothallis sp. Jamaica. Today blooming – dressleri, simmleriana, & picta all together in spike / bud 😉 Grown warm / hot year round, shade, watering daily.


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